October 4, 2023


Position: Technical Advisor

3 Technical Advisors TVET/Employment Promotion in Dodoma, Manyara and Lindi (310 working days each)

Project Status: tender

Project Title: KOICA Tanzania – Provision of short courses in 3 vocational training centres

Project Period: 03/2022 – 12/2023

Duration of Assignment: 22 months

Country / Duty Station: Tanzania / Dodoma, Babati and Lindi

Project Description:

The KOICA-funded E4DT project will contribute to achieving the overall objective of the regional E4D programme. The specific contributions have been formulated as follows: (1) E4DT will ensure that supported vocational training offers in Tanzania are labour market oriented; (2) The preconditions for a successful transition from training to jobs at selected Tanzanian vocational training institutions are improved; and (3) Public-private cooperation related to employment promotion in Tanzania is improved. It is expected that as a result of E4DT, at least 1.500 Tanzanians receive an employment opportunity or increase their income by at least 10%. A large part of the E4DT project is to be implemented by a contractor “tenderer”). The specific measures that the contractor is expected to carry out are described in this document.

The project sites for the E4DT project are the three VETA Regional Vocational Training and Service Centres (RVTSC – “VETA Centres”) in Dodoma, Babati, and Lindi which are owned and operated by the Government of Tanzania. These sites were chosen based on demand by the Tanzanian Government as well as industrial activities in these regions.

Job Description:

The Technical Advisor will be tasked with executing and supporting the VETA Dodoma/Manyara/Lindi RVTSC in regard to all project activities – both in regard to classroom/workshop training and to organizing practical training opportunities. The Technical Adviser will be based in Dodoma/Manyara/Lindi and upon discussion with the VETA Dodoma/Manyara/Lindi RVTSC, an office for the advisor will be provided within the institution.

Tasks of experts:

  • Assisting the team leader in planning and implementing all project activities and strategies at the VETA Dodoma/Manyara/Lindi RVTSC
  • Responsible for achieving the project indicators at the VETA Dodoma/Manyara/Lindi RVTSC
  • Analysing data as required (mobilization, number of trainees enrolled, trainee attrition, companies’ engagement and trainee internship placement)
  • Conducting administrative duties such as setting up meetings and workshops in relation to the Project
  • Preparing students/graduates for internships, work placements and career fairs
  • Organizing career fairs
  • Assisting in tracking and reporting project progress
  • Participates in the organization of monitoring visits to the Project sites
  • Performing other duties assigned by the team Leader in an orderly and efficient manner


  • Education/training: University qualification (bachelor’s) in project management, business administration or social sciences a relevant other degree.
  • Languages: Knowledge of English, C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and Kiswahili, C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • General professional experience): 8 years of relevant professional experience in TVET, employment promotion/services or human resources management
  • Specific professional experience: 5 years of relevant professional experience in facilitating public-private cooperation for training delivery, TVET trainee mobilization (with specific focus in women mobilization), organisation of career fairs
  • Leadership/Management experience: 5 years of relevant professional experience in project management

How to apply:

Applications of interested candidates may be sent to Ms Romy Rösner: romy.roesner@gfa-group.de

The deadline for submitting the application is 21 December 2021.

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