September 23, 2023


We are looking for an education expert with experience school leadership and teaching to help lead the secondary school we co-manage so it can become and remain a model institution.

As our Secondary School Education Director, you will be a member of our senior staff and act as the organization’s main contact for our Partner Secondary School that we co-manage with the District Government. You will take the lead in managing our contract, with the goal of making our Partner Secondary School one of the top schools in the region, and ultimately top performing schools in Tanzania. In this pursuit, you will fight to raise the standards of education, ensure that all students in our community have the opportunity for a first-rate secondary education, and improve the school environment in order to attract the best teachers.

The Secondary School Education Director will work cohesively with the Tanzanian school leadership and teachers to establish a rapport with the faculty and identify the greatest needs of the school. Understanding that our Partner Secondary School is an impoverished, rural, government school, working in partnership with the Head Master, the Secondary School Education Director will coordinate, facilitate and/or create teacher trainings, curriculum supplementation, and administrative schedules to help address these issues and concerns.

The specifics of this job include but are not limited to:

Training and Personal Development

  • Plan and deliver seminars (at least one each term) for teachers about relevant teaching pedagogies.
  • Conduct regular classroom observations of teachers and give them prompt and accurate feedback about how to build their teaching practice.
  • Carry out daily school walks in order to gain a general observation of school’s daily operations.
  • When needed carry out departmental or 1-1 meetings with teachers to discuss ways in which to improve teaching and learning strategies.
  • When needed arrange study tours for teachers and school staff to other institutions for the purpose of training.
  • When needed co-teach with teachers in order to demonstrate new teaching and learning techniques.

Academic Planning and Delivery

  • Together with school leadership ensure the supervision and implementation of the school timetable at all times.
  • Together with school leadership make and constantly review academic plans and strategies for the academic year.
  • Together with school leadership track and monitor the progress of students (especially in examination classes) and come up with strategies to support them in their studies. (Holiday programs, remedial classes, round-table etc.)
  • Support the academic office with planning and creating of school schedules. (Master School timetable, extra-curricula activities, examination schedules, school calendar etc.).
  • Advise and support school leadership on key academic decisions and strategies that aim to bring the best possible learning environment for students.
  • Together with school leadership plan and deliver key school events (school trips, graduation, awards ceremonies, teacher appreciation events etc.)

Resource and Curriculum Development

  • Quickly master/study the Tanzanian curriculum and national examination structure and demands and create examination-taking strategies to improve student performance.
  • Work with teachers to create teaching resources that can enhance students understanding of key learning objectives in Tanzania’s secondary education curriculums.
  • Ensure that the school has sufficient essential teaching and learning material, whilst continually identifying and planning any potential future needs.
  • Support teachers and School Leadership to come up with resources that can best prepare students for their national examinations (bank of questions, examinations).

Student Wellness

  • Together with School Leadership come up with ways to motivate and award students who demonstrate good behavior or improved academic performance.
  • Together with School Leadership plan and implement effective extra curricula activities that focus on improving student’s wellbeing and awareness on key issues.
  • Support the Sports Department to ensure sports and games become an important part in school life and that sports facilities are used effectively.
  • Together with School Leadership plan and deliver regular sessions for students that focus on promoting awareness to students on key issues (guest speakers, short talks, trainings).
  • Together with School Leadership identify students who may need counseling and guidance.
  • Together with teachers and RVCV social workers ensure RVCV students are supported both at school and at home.

People Management

  • Oversee staff performance related pay initiatives (money bonus program).
  • Together with School Leadership monitor staff performance and behavior, ensuring they are following the Tanzanian Ministry of Education’s policies (punctuality, carrying out teaching and other assigned duties, using corporal punishment).
  • Together with School Leadership promptly correct any staff discipline issues and follow the relevant disciplinary procedures as required.
  • Together with RVCF Director of Education and School Leadership plan and conduct hiring process for RVCF staff (teachers, cooks, security guards etc)
  • Supervise the RVCF Secondary School Project Manager in quickly handling employee requests with RVCF main office (payments, insurance, health care and other policies).
  • Supervise the RVCF Secondary School Project Manager
  • to ensure they carry out their duties properly.
  • Liaise with RVCV Director of Education on a regular basis giving updates on our partner schools development.

Partnership Management

  • Build and upkeep a strong relationship between the government, staff members, the wider school community and RVCV.
  • Together with the Secondary School Head Master ensure both all parties are honoring the agreements made in the joint management contract of our Partner Secondary School.

Other Responsibilities

  • Review semester and year long school performance of the RVCV children who attend Secondary School and identify areas of needed growth and foci for tutoring during evenings and school vacations.
  • Manage selection process post-secondary school scholarship opportunities.
  • Act as supervisor of Student Teachers or other such positions in all work related to our Partner Secondary School.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Minimum of two years school or teacher management experience
  • ESOL/TOEFL certificate preferred
  • Valid teacher’s or administrator’s license/certificate preferred
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Ability to engage children, faculty, and volunteers
  • Ability to live in a rural, remote area
  • Strong team-building skills and interpersonal skills
  • Commitment to service
  • School leadership or curriculum development experience
  • Overseas working/volunteering experience helpful
  • Native English speaking ability
  • Knowledge of Swahili helpful
  • 2-year commitment
  • November 2021 start date


  • $1,000 monthly stipend
  • $2,000 airfare allowance/year
  • Room and Board including private apartment, all meals, internet, local phone, and housekeeping support; transport to town as needed. Please note that our Room and Board package only accommodates the individual candidate
  • Health insurance for term of service
  • Required visas and permits for employment
  • Paid off-days and paid annual leave during the week(s) and/or month(s) that correspond directly with school breaks. (Minimum of 28 days per year of commitment)


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