October 4, 2023

 Rosette, she is still plotting to do her thing. Nelson also came to the kitchen to make Selina juice and as usual Rosette waited while Nelson put the blender in there and knew then its time. First when Nelson chooses the fruit of the blade but Rosette also wanted the oranges they found themselves holding hands for wanting to take the orange Nelson did not speak, he just continued with his work. Rosette and she just stare at him. When Nelson went to put the fruit in a blender. She returned to the table, Rosette and she went and put the medicine in the blender without Nelson knowing. Zoey also came and saw what Rosette had done.

Selina 10TH December 2021 | Selina Maisha Magic East Today Episode Full Watch Below

Nelson brought Selina, but the modern juice, Selina sees why it tastes like corn cane Selina began to feel dizzy, and fell asleep. Nelson called the doctor and told her to come and see that Selina was not feeling well. Now, Nelson jumped up and put the CCTV camera everywhere while watching the movements of Rosette around every corner.

They slept, and the next morning they woke up. While there in bed, Nelson and Selina just stared at each other with sex eyes, until Selina started to blush. Nelson asked him because I would not look after my food in peace and there is nothing if you call my food, first they eat 

Rosette returned to the kitchen following day to check if the blender juice had been used. He saw them drinking and yes he wanted to. Nelson also jumped up and came to the kitchen to make juice again, Rosette praised him and said father Jude these days you are jumping early have you come to make Selina juice? Nelson just said yes and aa

He continued his work making juice. But Rosette pretends there is something she is looking for there but she just wants Nelson’s attention to go to something else and put the medicine in a blender. And yes, Nelson did come out and say there was something I forgot let me bring, but then, Nelson did it on purpose so he could pick up his connected phone and cctv to see what Rosette would do. Rosette looked around and saw that she was solo and wanted to put something but right on time, Maria came to arkh, and ruined her mission. Rosete saw this and started calling Nelson and told him you had left Selina’s fruit open and its not healthy. No news, she is being trapped.

Let’s go back to Biko, yesterday we saw that Biko wants Rosette very much but she says let her continue with the game. Leo picked up his suit as he thought of Rosette’s red lipstick first with Rosette’s old hair line, and Biko jazz. She picked up the phone and started texting Rosette her love chats and Biko is sly, sending text Roseate also did not hesitate to reply that she is also fully felt in love. As Biko continued to text while she was standing, Maggie saw her and knew only that the nymph should be chatting with ‘kachungwa’ somewhere, but Biko also saw Maggie and she knew then here now I give the whole evidence by deleting chats. Then she came and told Maggie to let me go and see you in the evening. As soon as Biko left, Maggie came running up and picked up the phone and read the chats to see who Biko was texting, but opening the inbox, its empty  failed. That’s when Rosette was recording Biko’s text, she said “babe, than text don’t just come and see why they are soo mysterious to me honey” and that text Maggie opened and read, applause 

When we get to Richie, he has come to see Jackie’s fashion house, but he met a soldier and asked the boy what are you doing here? Richie said I came to see this fashion house, but the soldier told him you do not see any renovation, first this office did not stay here they set it up last month. Richie was very surprised but continuing to marvel at Moses he saw Pharaoh live live because there is a poster there written H.O.M and they put the number below and H.O.M means House Of Mackenzie, Richie did not believe. He learned that Jackie had been offered a job by their company. It’s starting to get messy now.

On the other side, Rosette continued with the exercise she met Biko and asked her are you stocking me, Biko told her quietly I am just doing this exercise, Roseate told her ok and thanks for helping me that day, Biko said no problem, its ok.

But when Jackie came to work, she found Richie holding the H.O.M poster and she was also surprised she looked up and knew ooh so meaning all these qualities she has grown up getting are fake, too and she didn’t believe it. Richie told her even I was very surprised to see all of a sudden you get a big job and big money but all in all don’t worry, but Jackie never saw, she must know why they did this to her. If you want to know what happened, let’s meet on Monday next week.

Good Night and sorry for letting you down yesterday, I just had to.


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