September 23, 2023

Rosette is still troubled by the will of a stranger, she has found herself in a bad mood. As he sleeps he just sleeps on the phone reading sweet love texts until he sees the light of love begin to descend from heaven. He slept thinking only who this message holder is even though according to him he thinks it must be Nelson. Morning when he woke up he wore the same clothes he was brought yesterday. When he leaves, that’s when Biko comes to walk to Mackenzie’s, they meet face to face until they collide and Biko grows flowers in her hand.

Selina 14th December 2021 | Today Episode Full Watch Below

On the other hand, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen Zoey, today is the day. When she asks Maria about her luggage, Maria tells her that it was brought but she did not have any money to pay, Rosette returned with what Zoey thinks Rosette is friend even she would pay for it but where. Zoey knew he would play with what he wanted now.

Richie quit his job and did not tell Jackie. Jackie came to the restaurant, and was told that Richie had quit his job. Jackie wondered where she could now be? But he came to the same company that Richie is currently doing and Richie doesn’t want Jackie to know he works for Shocks, wrong.


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