October 4, 2023

 What have you done to Nelson? “Rosette asks Biko, but Biko gives flowers, Roseate says no never over my death body.

Selina 15TH December 2021 | Selina Maisha Magic East Today Episode Watch Below

Zoey and she found the keys to the safe-box and came and opened it and took out the most expensive goods and carried it with the only person who had it and this key is Rosette. Reagan came and found Zoey with those products there, and asked her why you took these you want to sell either? Zoey told her I took it so that when Patricia’s mother came she would be angry with Rosette and it would be a lesson to Rosette for betraying her. Reagan saw this so I see you have a lot of intelligence, Zoey said yeah we will go to Rosette’s house we frame her and seat back and wait. Reagan became obsessed with Zoey’s plan until he began to fear her 

Maggie and she had not seen Rosette and thought it was Selina but when she saw Rosette she was surprised that Biko and Rosette did not believe her. Biko started defending Rosette and told her the truth I am Mr. X, and I am lonely, Rosette said ooh but you are the one who has been following me, Biko told her I love you soo much until she kissed him on the waist, then you are here calling yourself beautiful since the month of December start something you just caught and it is a fever, see your life 

Rosette said to Biko you say you love me look at me and look at me you want to compare me to Maggie, but Biko told her listen, I have Maggie over the kids. I have never loved that woman, I love you Rosette for your information you can never be a Mackenzie even if you sit here and if you are proud you will kill yourself, Rosette told you the one who loves you is that failed actress I don’t know who she calls herself. But Biko assured Rosette that she loved him very much, and its you I want. Rosette was also very happy to see her loved, she asked Biko and then when we got to the front what would happen? Biko told her it will be me and you and if you want more I will tell you later but for now, make lips. Rosette made lips to be given a kiss but she refused again, Biko said please Rosy, you make me call you soup, lets do this sweetie, just you and I. but now, this is all Biko’s plan, there is no love here that she loves him over when Rosette has gone Biko what did she say? “I’ll tell Maggie about this plan now, and still plan B” Rosette is not lucky.

Back to Jackie he returned home. Richie brought him tea to drink and asked him if he was really well. Jackie said Maggie is cool, she asked Richie how he was doing, Richie said he was cool and then Jackie said by the way let’s take a look at this company of yours, who is your boss? But Richie refused and said for now that is not important about Richie boss is Shocks and Jackie knowing he will hate him. Then again, Shocks spent Richie some money and it’s just a lot until Richie starts to get interested, why is this guy sending so much money because he wants me

For Shocks, is for Balcony is doing excise I here tells his family Barreto hates Zoey while he says he wanted great grandfather to join him to teach Agrippina decent but now there is Richard will do this work. Agrippina is Zoey. Barreto said Yeah Richard will make this Poa work. This Deal’s Shocks use Use Richie money, it wants to use Richie deal and Zoey,

Find the Rosette, Very Happy man grew up likes Selina, now he loves him. My Selina he does not have a standing activity while it would cry the theme of here. Rosette came and told Selina if you wanted me to tell me, Selina looked at me, and he said to me, saying, saying Rosette, I don’t want anything and I needed my husband, Read My Lips, Nelson will bring me the first one. Rosette with the words but it is ignorant console and Biko at the leach and someone grew up likes Selina.

Maggie and she came home and wrote a letter told the Biko I got off with children and I don’t want to bother you because you’re at work, I have gone to cook you when I arrive, Bye! Maggie fastened her Virago, the Box of Fanta and Marinda Zora put it with the spine and he left the letter to the bike to read it.

Biko is the arrival and knows he has come to tell Maggie the truth about his lies, has no news Maggie is not at first not sleeping at home even, he slept out, SO says I will say I lay down the hotel, but the hotel and who is coming to tell and who is told to leave a while. He came he called but where the Margret Already, Birthday now.


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