September 23, 2023

 Now yesterday we saw Leshan was the one who took Haron but he pretended not him but even he himself knew it was he who took him but he again pretended not he took him. Selina to him, he came running in shock just so no one would suspect he was the one who took him. Arriving he asked why did it go? Selina told the madam she had gone to the supermarket to buy sugar and flour before they continued to rise in price then when she returned she found Haron had been taken by an unknown person, Leshan pretended to be very angry but he knew where Haron was, he is in save hands of his daddy.

Selina 1st December 2021 Today Episode Full Watch Below

On the other hand, Jackie, after yelling at Richie, later came to apologize, saying to dad Iam sorry for teasing you, you helped me so much and I know you went through a lot for me. Richie just had to forgive her but let her know there is a red alert, once the grandmother gets more money than she yells at you, run away bro, this is not marriage anymore.

Maggie came and found out that Jackie earns a lot of money, and she came and told Biko, if Jackie earns so much money shouldn’t they rent their house and move out? Biko just looked at her but the truth is that this money Jackie is given is not the one she works for, it is Patricia who gives it to her. so he gives it to a relative who gave Jackie a job then he gives it to her, I just hope my mum is seeing what other mothers are doing to their children 

Good day dear ones, see you in the evening. Dear ones are for men go to work come back at three o’clock let’s read the full episode


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