October 4, 2023


Zoey, after destroying the radar is the one who comes to the house as if she has done nothing. Rosette grew her radar and followed her.

Selina 29th November 2021 today episode watch below.

Here at Biko, Jackie tells Richie the truth is I don’t know how to cook I just saw buy food, Richy told him surely you bought how much food, Jackie said three thousand, he was asked where the money came from, Jackie said there is my credit card still unlocked. Richie said ok but please these 3k are for feeding all the people here for three days. Jackie said don’t worry credit card you will pay at the end of the month I know you will go gigs you will pay. Richie asked him why do you think my gigs were paid for? Jackie said I don’t know but I think it’s around 20 to 50k knowing she gets paid 5k and already 3k gone.

Zoey as she drinks water wonders now what’s next step, but with the door slammed, Rosette! Rosette came and greeted him and said if I see you are okay, Zoey said yeah but keep in mind Reagan’s mother will not bless, see now you will be thrown to the guest house, Rosette said there is no important point here I want us to hold on and help each other, Zoey asked her why are you here? Rosette said not interested in who I am, I want the one who became my lawful husband, Zoey asked Nelson, Rosette said that is it! Zoey and Rosette agreed to help each other until they made a handshake, Mackenzie empire, in trouble now. The two terrorists are now united 

Selina, no worries she just keeps collecting clothes there. Nelson came but Selina did not see him, he was shocked, but as he was about to fall, Nelson grew up with only a plate, and he kept Selina lying on Nelson’s chest until he sighed. Nelson said eish stop doing these hard work if you want help tell me ok, Selina said and if you are not there or where to find me, Nelson said Aim always here for you my babe would like me to help you come, Selina said I would like you to go see your sister. Nelson said Selina I can do everything but ,, Selina said nothing but go look at your sister, it’s not cool to isolate her and just leave her like that. Just go and see him at least to see you together. Nelson said okay I will think about it.

This is Jackie herself while she is asleep. Richie came with an envelope and handed it to her and told her to open it, Jackie said aa stop and these are the online promotions, but Richie told her just open it. Jackie opened it and got a deal called, but Jackie read it and saw that this is just a pranks of brands there is no such thing but soon, she got a call from the company and was asked if she had received a letter offer, Jackie said yeah I thought it was a prank, she was told well its true to the people who came you are the only one who succeeded. But the job itself is to be the head of humanity meaning Jackie will get a job and a fair pay fly. Happy with it, they whispered to Richie, the doors began to open slowly.

While for Mackenzie, Rosette began to suspect Zoey because did not expect she would enter the box quickly so they worked together she thought Zoey would become a reactant 

Leshan, yes this one is sitting three in one advice one says Zoey is playing another one tells her no Patricia is not harassing another child she says go take your baby It is called self conversation. But real Leshan sees no, Haron has grown Zoey’s baby because she is the one who doped, the second Leshan says either you want Patricia back 

While Mackenzie, Zoey and Rosette are drinking and laughing they see now they will face a deal with Patricia to the latter. In fact, the job that Jackie was called for was Rosette and Zoey’s plan and if you remember that job requires someone to travel a lot everywhere and that’s why Richie wondered if the person who brought the letter knew we were living here and it’s all because of Zoey and Rosette so Jackie could get a job. to go too far is Patricia to continue to suffer and be tormented by thoughts and Patricia with thoughts Zoey and Rosette to deal with her accordingly. But Rosette asked her if I could help you find Nelson but this script of yours I do not see where I will find Nelson, Zoey told her wait this Selina’s pregnancy is going to kill Selina and after that you will not grow up here then take Nelson. Rosette saw ooh nice deal but the mistake is this is Zoey Mackenzie, the snake herself.

Patricia was sitting in her room when she received a phone call. Receiving it is Leshan, Patricia told her you did very well to call and I see it will be cool when we meet to talk and see if things will get better, but Leshan told her something we will talk to you when we meet is about my son Haron nothing else. Patricia heard that, she hung up the phone and said I want to talk to you and see how we can get along and you just say Harona, she was very angry 

Selina talks to her baby in the womb and tells her you see your father is very pretentious he doesn’t want to see his sister Jackie but in his spirit they have to hurry because Jackie is almost to go away to do his job. Nelson came and found Selina putting Jackie’s clothes in there so Nelson could take her. Nelson picked up the bag and went straight to Biko.

Jackie goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. Jackie is happy that she will go shopping to have her hair done and then start working. Richie told him I wish you all the best and I will continue with my music career.

Some time later, when Richie was in the kitchen, with the door slammed, Richie opened it and found it was Nelson, wrong, he asked Nelson what are you doing here? Nelson told her what.


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