September 23, 2023

 Nelson brought Jackie’s clothes to the bag and told Richie I am here because I want to see my sister, where is that bitch? But Richie told him listen Nelson don’t carry me, after all that you did to him do you think you care? Nelson told him my goal was to come and I wanted to forget the past, but Richard told him we don’t want any help from your family, you were so wrong you told me I was selling drugs, I will never believe you again but Nelson told him you also cheated us at work you do. Richie said yeah but Jackie and I have decided we do not want your help we are independent. Nelson told Jackie he could not decide such a thing. Nelson called Jackie but where, Jackie is not there. took the onions and went out saying goodbye to take me home.

Selina 29th November 2021, Today Episode Full Watch Below

Nelson came, called her Selina but she didn’t, the one who grew up was Maria and told Selina she had gone out with Agiza. Nelson handed her the bag to take home. Rosette and Zoey saw her with the bag, and wondered if she had met Jackie. Zoey told her to do something that would make Nelson attractive to you, so Rosette decided to do something.

Rosette called Maria and asked her why are you giving Jude a little food until she is full, Maria told her that your baby first I don’t hear it and she doesn’t want to be easy so maybe I just need to cut it a little bit so she can hear me, but Rosette came and said to Maria who you cut my Jude? Try to see. But Nelson heard the noise and came to stop Rosette and this is what Rosette wanted but there was a turn of events. Nelson grew up to kiss Rosette but Zoey interrupted and said Nelson come I want to talk to you. But worry no more, its all about Rosette because Zoey came to tell Nelson what to do with Rosette as she stood up. Rosette grew up shocked but lets Zoey do her job. Maria’s quarrel was not important, it was important to draw Nelson’s attention, now Maria was asked what now surely 

Zoey finished her work and came and told Rosette I had made a way for you and if you fail don’t blame me. Zoey is a bad thing.

Nelson! sitting there, Selina came. He wondered if I should tell Selina who had gone first or play down, and he saw her play down. He got up and kissed Selina and then left. While Rosette and her job is to unpack the clothes she will wear. As Nelson sits in his chair outside, thinking about what Zoey has said to him and then thinking about what he was told Selina is pregnant. Selina came and asked him what he thought, Nelson explained to him that he had met Richard with indescribable anger. Selina listened to him and then told Nelson according to what we had done to Richard, maybe we were wrong. Then he asked her and Jackie was coming, Nelson told Richie he was talking on behalf of his wife. Selina told him this! He should not be so only married but not physically and sourly. Nelson told him your problem is you pretend to be for every problem as if you have a solution 

Rosette aww! He has hit the spoon, the first one today has given the circuit and the hunter here is Nelson.

While at Biko, Richie has finished cooking, bringing food to the table, his and Jackie’s. Jackie is out of work and finds aww food on the table. He told Richie what a surprise, Richie told him don’t worry this is just the beginning. Jackie has today been given an advance salary of almost 25k in cash. Richie was amazed! Then Maggie came and told Jackie based on the experience of marriage, a man staying at home a woman going to work are not very good, today Richie has cooked and today she will want you to cook, Jackie told her don’t worry I talked to a few agency I will find a cook very soon and today, today we go out Aww! Maggie and the ones who have been sitting so long without going out, she saw then luck is right. Biko also grew up there and was told to go out  Biko looked at the food on the table and failed, as we are going out and the food is this he does not want you money.

With Rosette’s plan in place, Rosette and Nelson came out for dinner. Nelson came and found it, the table is clean and everything is clean. Even so, it was Nelson who welcomed Rosette but not the other way round. Rosette called and thought they were coming to talk about sex but Nelson came to talk to Rosette about the company  Rosette was very upset and told her I have no problem living there it is your mother who is making me stay there and saying I will leave I will leave saying I will stay. Nelson sighed and went out and said thanks for your time I have some important things to do. Rosette was left there drinking fine wine alone. But this hotel is the Biko they are coming in. Mistakes.

Today part 3 let me call you a little Ka story but full episode I put it in Part 1 and Part 2. I have a kind of phone, that cant go LIVE for 1hr nonstop, it can only go for 30min and that’s the reason you saw me i got there i stopped putting Pete LIVE. 

Today I saw you calling a lot of Pete live and I saw I had to let you put it, but I knew there would be trouble for Selina because the first 30mins ended for Pete so for Selina there is no way it would go past 10m and hope you have seen it. So please its a humble request, I will and have been posting PETE written 4hrs to the time, that’s around 4pm so that by two hours you will know what will happen, so that if it comes to Pete’s time I don’t have to go live but instead wait for Selina’s time is for the phone to go live for the 30min, that’s my opinion because I see Selina has more people than rings. So from tomorrow please the sun I will not put PETE live i will remain with Selina live but the ring I will keep and put daily at ten o’clock in the afternoon.


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