September 23, 2023

 Maggie, came to call Biko but Biko went too far. He failed because this man is busy dealing with people’s lives and his son does not know where he is. Then at the knocking door there is a delivery guy who has brought some items. A few hours later, Maggie phoned the flower company and asked if there were any flowers growing and I was brought to where they were. She was told it had been sent to the address that Maggie had given her, but Maggie said that it had not arrived. But the flower is the one that was brought to Mackenzie and the recipient is Rosette, she failed who sent the flowers again, she has no idea the flowers are not her let Maggie be told the address you gave her is Mackenzie’s and that’s where the flowers sent but not even a mistake, that’s true the flowers grew to go to Mackenzie, it was Biko who sent flowers to Rosette.

Selina 2nd December 2021 Today Episode Full Watch Below

Rosette opened the flower and found a piece of paper with The Poetry written on it. He began to remember the last time Nelson used flowers for him, but when he thinks, he sees Nelson but in real sense it is Zoey Zoey came and found Rosette and asked her if these flowers came from a certain man again? Rosette said she also did not know, Zoey told her it was either from Nelson she had seen it wrong she saw it send flowers, but Rosette says no I don’t think it came from Nelson. Zoey asked her why are you staying mentally, what do you think? There is something Rosette thinks she will do to Selina but she can’t tell Zoey ju she sees this Zoey is green grass in green snake.

Selina came and got some alcohol and started pouring it. She says she doesn’t want to see alcohol while she has not called. Let Reagan come and find his liquor spilled, and tell him do you know the price of this whiskey? Selina asked him if I knew how it would help me? Zoey also came and asked Selina just because you use wine you pour our alcohol and we get guests who mention drunkenness, but Reagan used his mind and saw the alcohol itself while making Patricia drunk, he told Zoey I agree with Selina. Maria also asked Selina, do you know the guarantee of this alcohol is really expect Selina said the guarantee of this alcohol does not win Patricia’s health.

Zoey hid some alcohol and wanted Patricia to get drunk first and brought it to Patricia’s room and put it there. Patricia came and failed this and where did it come from? He grabbed it and wanted to taste it, but Nelson saw him and came and told mum to stop this alcohol mum, don’t go back to where you grew up, get rid of fombe.

Selina later came to talk to Nelson and told her mother sure Patricia was not drinking. Nelson said yeah even though he is angry with you you still care about him and that is why I will never leave you, you are the kind of I always need. Selina later told my diligent husband to go to the office to work, put on a jacket and was given a kiss and he left.

Selina when Nelson came out she looked out the window and saw Leshan sitting out there sad now, she knew she was still blaming herself for Katie’s murder. Selina thought it was a good idea to come and talk to her. Asked how he was doing, Leshan told him to stay for now for Haron. Then Leshan told her I see I was very wrong Patricia but Selina told Leshan you are not wrong, Zoey and Rosette are the ones bothering madam only I have no evidence but Leshan said I have evidence Zoey has lived to tell me that Patricia is abusing the child but I do not see. Leshan asked Selina if I could help her, Selina said stay with Patricia to stop drinking, if you stay with her she will not feel lonely, but Leshan swore, this Zoey and Rosette in one way or the other must deal and they first this Zoey, she will know she doesn’t know.

Maggie, still working in the kitchen, there was coffee Biko had grown up with but had not brought it. Biko came to ask her why you didn’t bring coffee, but Maggie asked her since when did you start buying Selina flowers? Biko asked her what flowers you say, Maggie told her delivery guy said flowers you sent to Mackenzie and if not who is Selina? As for Maria, but Biko told her that the flower was the one I bought but it belonged to Patricia by having a baby, Maggie said ooh because am I stupid? Biko didn’t want to tell Maggie the flowers went to Rosette and it would cause some problems Biko came out and came to Jackie’s room, she found Jackie swollen and started to tell her if I see you work, but Jackie says nothing, Biko asked her why Jackie has wronged you, Jackie told her no one has wronged me but I do not believe my life is like this. Biko told him I understand you are home sick but with time you will grow well. Jackie told Haron he was lost and found, but Leshan has returned home and I am still alone and I have not returned home, Biko told him not to worry, I can talk to them and see what they will say. The only thing that hurts Jackie is Haron lost and came back, Leshan who was missing is back but she has not been back since she left, so she feels like she is soo distanced from her family. Biko promised to help her in any way.

While Mackenzie, Leshan and Patricia are starting to interact until Patricia asks Leshan what drink you will use, Leshan says I will use the best you can use lemon, mango or even watermelon. Patricia said “I’m glad now I see even your sense of humor you haven’t lost yet ,, they held each other, they looked at each other, they wanted to see these now you want to see people kissing and you start destroying burns


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