October 4, 2023

 Selina asked Nelson what is wrong, its been days when you come home you come as a bitch, what’s wrong babe, Nelson told her I told Rosette to go to dinner with her so I could tell her to stop this job but my diligence is like filling a basket with water. Selina told her not to worry, if she wants to live with us we will live with her as well and try to show her happiness and love despite the things we are going through. Nelson cooled down until he lay down on Selina’s chest, aww not actors enjoy surely

Selina 30th November 2021 Today Episode Full Watch Below

The next day early in the morning, Patricia received a phone call from the dictator who had written Jackie’s work, and asked Jackie to come and say that today she woke up in a very cool mood. Patricia told him to give her money as filth until she did not taste the poverty at all. Even Patricia was in the process of giving Jackie money but it only became one way to help her. Then later Patricia took Harona and put her in the car and then they, they came out, and there was somebody coming after them, wrong.

When Selina and Nelson also woke up, they left and Selina did not tell Nelson where they were going. Nelson asked Selina where he was taking her and told her to take you to a place where you would be happy, but they were coming for a doctor’s appointment here. Selina grew up with an ultrasound to determine the condition of your baby in the womb. The doctor said the baby was OK and his condition was OK.

Poor God Patricia, she left Haron in the car and went to buy something super and did not know anyone was following her. Just as Patricia has gone to the soup, the relative has grown up following her and came and opened the door and there he is Haron, first smile as if there is peace no news has come to be stolen 

Let Patricia go back and see the car door open, she just started crying from a distance. Arriving and finding the baby is not in the car, wrong. He called for help saying where my baby was, and called for CCTV footage to watch. But the one who laughs at the child is gone, but who has taken the child? Dr. Tom Leshan ????

When we got to Mackenzie, Zoey came to ask Rosette how the date went, but Rosete told her imagine she took me to a fancy hotel and I thought we were going to have sex but she was going to talk about work and separate me from her and my dad, but Zoey told her she did it because she is a husband Selina, even if you give up the area and apply ponds, she may not have feelings for you, but don’t worry, you keep pushing yourself maybe in the way or the other years in the future I’m attracted to you so do this go take a shower wash your make up and keep wearing dera, and I’m gone. I mean Zoey has a bad temper  but when Rosette came out, Maria and she brought her flowers 

Patricia has come to the police to report a lost kid. But he called them up to Nelson and Selina. And when you look at Patricia she is very worried she is wondering now if Haron is hungry or crying. The police asked him if anyone was suspicious, but Nelson and I foolishly thought it was Shocks, but he did not. they give food and they eat, baby me because I am breastfeeding? Patricia was asked again if there was anyone else, she said no one else can lower herself like that, but Selina looked at Patricia and knew this one was cheating ju Patricia knows Leshan can but she can’t say.

When we get to Richie and Jackie, a little kid gets dressed and goes to work, but Richie makes a mistake and grabs Jackie’s hair and destroys it and the ones that are hard to fix, Jackie, and tells him what your problem is, do you think this hair is easy to fix and I have a client mean or do you think I’m here to sleep if the frog has just been given, aa give itself even not given? 

Here for Mackenzie sad everyone. Patricia doesn’t believe it, Selina tried to say either you suspect Leshan but Rosette yelled at her and said you don’t see your aunt Jude is stressed and you mention Leshan here. Then Rosette told Patricia go to your room and have a cup of coffee and calm down when Patricia left, Zoey came and told Rosette this was the time to carry out our plans when she was so confused.

Patricia wooi, she can’t believe her baby is gone like that, until she cries you think she’s laughing miakaaki years you!

Maria brought Selina kajuice to drink which is very useful and for pregnant women and insane mothers. Selina asked Maria can I say something and shut up? Maria said yeah I secretly tend to be very secretive. Selina told him it was about Nelson’s mother, I suspect Zoey and Roseate were plotting against Nelson’s mother. Maria told him I support you very much, mother Nelson she does not know her bad and good especially at this time she needs you very much but she does not see. Selina told her to go and make coffee and I would take her, Maria said thank you Selina.

Then Selina saw that Leshan should know the truth that her child is missing but I can only tell you the truth that I do not want to hide it, it is Leshan who took the child. Selina yelled at Leshan and told him haron was missing, Leshan pretended to be surprised and then told Selina I was coming now and it was she who took the baby imagine.

Maria grew up going to Patricia’s coffee to be brought, but Rosette and she came with wine and told mother Nelson if you drank this it would be very good for you I know you are going through a hard time just drinking it even if it is seven cups it will be very good for you and by the door Zoey looks. Patricia thoughtlessly took a glass of wine, drank it like drinking water, and then said what? I feel good and if you see someone drinking and then say I feel good, the alcohol has entered the throat, passed through the stomach and mixed the stomach and then went up to the head and dizzy. This is all Zoe Rosette deal!


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