October 4, 2023

Richie is sitting and you don’t see Jackie but when Jackie arrives. He asked her where she was, Jackie said I had arrived home, but Richie looked out the window, she asked him why I did not see her, Jackie told her when I said home I meant home. But Jackie decided to come to see them, but as soon as she got to the gate she met her clothes and shoes, she won why they are throwing away my things if they don’t even want to see me, she decided to go but Selina called her over and saw her for a while, and told her around Jackie’s house.

Selina 3th December 2021 Today Episode Full Watch Below

 Jackie said you find me and no one came to greet me, Selina told Nelson he came but said you did not want to see him, Jackie was surprised and said yes I hear from you I have not seen or been told about Nelson. Selina knew then Richard did not tell Jackie that Nelson grew up here. Selina did not meet to tell Jackie that Richie hid her and talked to Nelson badly and saw him change the subject but Jackie told her to answer only if she had spoken ill of him let me know. Selina was silent and usually silence means yes.

Biko, sitting down, texted Roseate and sent her another phone. Now Rosette is shocked to see now she is in love with a secret admirer, she wonders who this one might be? Either it’s Nelson Mackenzie but he finds he can’t get Nelson because Selina in the ball and Nelson’s mind is on Selina, he has no idea who text is Biko. Biko sent another love message until Rosette flirt just enters the box ju Biko tells her I know “you feel lonely I long for that day to come and be with you” Roseate just feels like she has found someone to love now but this is all just Biko’s game. Rosette told her how you feel when we meet, Biko told her yeah lets meet 3pm at Launch Café, and that’s what Biko wanted, but the mistake was that, when Biko text Rosette smiled, Maggie saw her and remembered according to Maggie she must see the flowers Biko used Selina, applause

Rosette saw Jackie come and tell Patricia that Jackie was back, Patricia saw at least as if she had seen her mistake, but Rosette told her I don’t think they were talking to Selina and she didn’t show any remorse. But Patricia said you don’t know Jackie you, I didn’t raise her to be a fan of the wind. Its about to use new tactics. Patricia is excited about Jackie’s arrival. Nelson got the news that Jackie had returned and came running in and hugged him. Jackie said to Nelson very sorry I didn’t know Richard was disrespectful to you, Nelson told him come on Jackie don’t worry, its all well welcome home little princess.

Patricia also came first and called her by her full name Jackeline Mackenzie, welcome home daughter I had missed you, they kissed. Patricia told him you did well to come home, but Patricia made a mistake and asked Jackie when did you give her your divorce? Selina was shocked and told Patricia it was not cool to tell anyone that, but Patricia told Selina lea Your order to grow up tell her your nonsense, Jackie is mine. Jackie said to her mum I love Richard very much, I can’t stop him and he hasn’t wronged me I just went through here to greet you but I for Richard can’t stop. But Patricia didn’t want to hear anything like that, she told him as if you were dating the boy again my wish just go back there I am here for me who does not agree with my decision can not stay. Jackie got up and left.

Roseate has arrived at 9 a.m. he has not brought in a blind date. But Biko did not just show up, she ate a lot of channels at a distance and still texted Rosette. Rosette sat down and did not see him fail this because this date is me I grew date or? But just a little bit, behind him, Biko. Let Rosette turn to see Biko, she was shocked by the ugly ugly.

Here in Biko too, Jackie is the one who arrives and there is something he has been told about them and now here again Richie spoke to Nelson rudely. Jackie came in with a bad ugly face first imagining Nelson grew up here and Richie didn’t tell him the anger was doubled

Richie came over and asked him why you jam mammie, Jackie said to him you are doing jama, why did you talk to Nelson like that? But Richie said I did not speak ill of him, Nelson came with the intention of not feeding you and I just told him I do not want your help that’s all. There was a lot of controversy there.

While Rosette asked Biko what are you doing here, Biko told her I was just coming for a walk. Biko asked her I see you are as if you are on a date, Rosette said yeah but she is so late I came early. Biko asked him who I really want to know, Rosette told him he was my secret admirer, Biko said I was very curious to see him. Then she asked him and how will you know it is him, Rosette said I told her to bring a red flower, Biko took a flower and put it in a bag and told her see I am an red flower what if I am the one, Rosette said I see you like to keep things to yourself instead of staying with your children. Biko just laughed. Rosette said to her please leave my blind date is coming she will find you here I think I am with you. Rosette sees Biko not going and gets up and sits on the next chair waiting for the person who invited her to date, she doesn’t know who invited her date is Biko 


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