September 23, 2023

 Selina, came to Jackie’s Room, looked for his locker and got a Jackie’s with Richie is for frame. Nelson also followed him and told him I knew I will find you with the Room of Jackie. Selina told Nelson, not easy to forget with Jackie and I came here for her. I wanted to live a good life and satisfied BUT SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING. Nelson said to I knew you are hurt by the words of Mum but let us stop our goal Sai is to build friendship with Jackie Ju Mum is a very hard head. Selina told Mum not a hard head there are people using her want. 

Selina 6th December 2021 Today Episode Full Watch Below

Nelson told But Beauty Jackie has found a good job and is paid SO with my point of view we left Jackie, and he found a man who loves, SO LEVE HER DECIDE WHAT SHE WANT TO DO AND WANT TO BE. Selina told Jackie I wish you all the blessed and I wish you a happy life and a lot. This grew up address Jackie for Camera. But Selina wondered this company

Is Jackie works why I don’t have heard? Going to Google to seek it, but looking for Google received this company trades with many Mackenzie customers, Selina saw APANA, call office asking about this broad fashion House, but the number of office told this we do not know that company and we don’t work with them, Selina suspected something she saw, she must go deep into it to check the proper.

Rosette is for Work Out wants to reduce fat to the body. While running out of time he came here freedom Park bought tweets much, or behind him there was someone train as he photographed him. Now listen to this person who looks at Rosette pictures and uses WhatsApp, Rosette knew this man just here. Then the week, Yes this Juma was given Chocolate to Rosette, Rosette asked this where it came from, Juma told him I was given by a young man and said he loves you so much, but who has given chocolate? Biko.

Go to the Room with our mother drunk drinks drunk until the feet refused to work down and if it’s walking only crawl. He does not believe his Jackie went so, he wanted to make Divorce and Richie but Jackie refused. Patricia has drunk just adding, she is inodiated. Leshan came with Ju of alcohol, Patricia began to laugh at him, Leshan tried to awaken him but Patricia told me to leave Leshan, I know I’m married to I’m just a lonely but I’m left Leshan I have you contributed my bitterness, I loved you so much Leshan and you went Ahead to Lie To Me, brought me a child without me, let me have the feelings of the mother, SAI comes to give me a baby, Sai you see I don’t know why it’s life is mine, wee and your, I like me. Patricia spoke the entire book of love but the beauty of the duckweed waking up he grew up. Until Leshan told I know the words you say it is not true, I know there’s wrong I have done that I ask forgiveness you can not forgive me left Haron so that we will never return to work is just drunk with stress. Patricia fell asleep. While the door, Zoey looks at and hearing everything and he does not want this plans grew Leshan not to close to Patricia but God and who he is?

Rosette still tries to know who Mr X is, even now has no activity with Nelson until he saw Nelson and Selina dancing does not deal but fails either Mr X is Nelson? But this little, he was called by the company that gave Jackie work, told Rosette you, Selina Starting to suspect about this company, do something before we are taken, reality this company does not obtains.

With the Biko, Jackie and Richie have been angry with the grandmother and the Lord, let them have one dufe, now one who is the cold of Nairobi Sai, then sleep without dufe sees Apana. Richie has compared your Side and Jackie has compared this Side, where I stayed here writing and usually people live together tend to buy a little dufe so that’s Dufe Toshie, you must run at a Zero Distance SO THAT there is a body temperature and a dufe heat, sir Jesus is growing praise, But now, do not worry that I conclude, these two can not go because they have been angry with Jackie tells you lied to me. SO THE ONLY WAY SHOULD THIS DUFE IS Either Richie Avute His Side Jackie Remains the winter or Jackie Side Richie remains in the cold, SO slept working, not the work of work is this to pull me a dufe. Richie left Jackie to cover him with a cold.

 Jackie saw so he saw not right and covered Richie and she spoke to the stomach and said to babe I was waste meaning it .Richie turned they looked after they began to talk to this is the beauty of using one because even if you have to come and just say Before coming in the morning, this game of each Man blanket his elders with your nonstop. Jackie until he told Richie to tell song, Richie did not refuse to take him and brought him closer to miss and told him I have no music, I sold because we needed money to use. Jackie said to gradually BUT WORRY NO MORE everything will grow ok, we will grow ok we will live a good life forever.

Good Morning, yes Patricia wakes up, now Sai no alcohol to the head. Maria brought her tea. Patricia asked last night who brought me to Bed, Maria said Dr. Leshan grew up here. Then Patricia began to remember the things he grew up yesterday until he did not believe it was he said now what this I grew up. He took the phone to to call Leshan, but soon not


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