September 23, 2023


Patricia greeted Leshan but he was not far away, he came and asked her if she was feeling well, Patricia said yeah and I’m sorry about last night. Leshan told her to forget the past and focus on our son Haron. Then he said I see you have started to go back to where you grew up from drinking alcohol and I think you need care and support. Patricia just looks at Leshan.

Selina 7TH December 2021 | Selina Maisha Magic East Today Episode Full Watch

Biko on the other side is still chatting and Rosette is playing, but in the process she left the phone on the table and went looking for tea first not at the table she hid in the box above while Maggie grew up watching her chat. While Biko was in the kitchen, Maggie picked up the phone and brought it to her and told her to talk or make fun of me, what is this? Biko told him this is my other phone, the smartphone broke and I decided to use this one. Biko grew sly and deleted chats so Maggie did not see, applause but she swore there was a day she would only hold her for 40 days is very rare.

To Mackenzie, Zoey came and told Rosette why are you ignoring Selina? By your plans you should not ignore Selina, but Rosette said she does not think Selina will tell Jackie about the truth. But Zoey told her listen, Jackie doesn’t know if she knows it’s something we have planned she will think it is her mother’s plan and she will come back while our plans are dead. So you forget Selina is very smart. Zoey told her for now you should start thinking about giving this free evidence you would cry for the toilet.

Nelson, brought Selina juice and found Selina doing exercise and told her there is juice here I think is good for baby health. Nelson told him last time you did me a lot but now we will grow up with you for everything. Selina told him it was okay and that is why I love you Nelson Mackenzie. Nelson told her I was going to the drop-off clinic then I would go to the meeting, Selina told her not to even bother let me tell the driver to take me then just go to your meeting. As Rosette looks out the window, she is deeply hurt to see Selina and Nelson in love. 

Now in order to avoid it she took soap and poured it into the kitchen so that when Selina came she would slip and fall on her stomach and hurt the baby. And it is true that he did so and then waited for Selina to come to the kitchen to slip and fall. Selina came on the phone and didn’t even think there was soap on the floor, she stopped talking and at the same time, Zoey was also coming to the kitchen. Selina she was standing but Zoey coming she came walking fast with her style. Zoey slipped, hit her chest against the wall until she screamed Selina asked her what was wrong, but looking down she saw the soap spilled, so Selina saw her and told her I wouldn’t be there because I could slip so wake up yourself while Zoey knew it was Rosette’s plan and looked at her and said you.

Patricia did not stop drinking, she was brought some alcohol and she did not want them to see a bottle of Vodka, she took a bottle of water and poured alcohol in it so she would just drink slowly and if anyone saw her she would think it was water, but Patricia Type B came and told her please think about your health. but Patricia A said I do not need anyone’s help. Patricia B said to her imagine if you end this life in a hospital over alcohol who will kill you, my fellow Patricia

Zoey came to ask Rosette what have you done? Rosette said sorry, Zoey told her this plan is very silly, I know you want to ruin Selina’s pregnancy but you don’t mind if you don’t think Nelson will know what will happen? Rosette told him it was okay I heard I would think about a good deal like yours and Leshan’s.

Leshan on the other side is waiting for Patricia. call, he was asked where you are, Patricia lied I am at work there is a job here I am finishing, Leshan told her I knew I only knew the situation you can continue with work, but not that he is at work this is the car he thinks he should drink this alcohol or quit. Leshan kept waiting for Patricia, Zoey came and told her it was time for you to go back but Leshan told Zoey listen, find your talking partner or do you want me to tell everyone that you are the one who made me come back while pretending that Patricia is harassing Haron. Zoey told her or do you want me to tell people that you are the one who kidnapped Haron and again you killed Katie, Leshan asked her what are you waiting for? Go tell them

Leshan then went to the office to ask if he could talk to Patricia, but was told that Patricia had not arrived today. Leshan texted Patricia and asked her where are you Patricia call office they said you are not there? Where are you Patricia?

Selina phoned and was told I had received full information about the company that Jackie works in is a unit of Mackenzie company, Selina asked her why I do not know who passed it? he was told there are two signatures, one of Rosette the other Patricia. Selina knew right away that this was Rosette’s job. The truth is known


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