September 23, 2023

 Rosette still thinks she sees this Seilina can bring Jackie here and the only way Rosette can save herself is to put Patricia by her side. Selina came to see Rosette and told her I was very suspicious and it was true, but you were the one who made the plan and now that Jackie knows about PANASH what will she think? But Rosette defended herself and said I saw Jackie suffering and I had to find a way for her to get money but Selina told her listen I know your goal is to distract Jackie from coming while she is heartbroken. Rosette told you if you love Jackie don’t tell her anything, then Rosete took the candy and started eating, Selina asked her are you okay eating a lot of sugar? Ju said you have cancer and cancer patients should not eat sugary foods. Rosette forgot and forgot she had cheated on her with cancer 

Selina 8TH December 2021 | Selina Maisha Magic East Today Episode Full Watch

Patricia enters, and finds Leshan and Selina talking, but she overhears them talking. Patricia asked Selina and Leshan, are you the one talking to me? Leshan said it was just a concern. Then Rosette saw Patricia burning and came and told Selina this you said you want to tell Patricia tell her now? Patricia thought maybe Selina wanted to say she was drunk. Patricia said to Selina you went and humiliated my daughter and then you want to ruin me by gossiping about me? Then you Leshan, where do you get the guards to judge me, first get out  Leshan told Patricia I hope there is a day when you will come to distinguish right from wrong.

Rosette came to the doctor and was given some medicine and said this would work and even if they went to the doctor it would not show up. Rosette has decided to give Selina a poison that will eat her slowly without her knowledge. Here we go now Rosette?

Nelson, he and she are the other, work is just orange juice. He grew up in the kitchen making juice. Roseate came over and said if you are smelling these days why, Nelson said making me Selina juice is very good for baby health. Rosette said that even with Jude’s ball I grew up drinking a lot of fruit. As Nelson continued to make juice, he came out of nowhere, Rosette and he got a chance to put the medicine in the juice so that Selina could be sent to drink, wrong.

Nelson unknowingly brought Selina juice, but Selina told Nelson I drank too much juice because I wanted coffee, Nelson said just drink as much as a baby, Selina said it’s me I want coffee not baby  But Nelson insisted and said please babe just drink some juice, Selina had to drink it, but to taste she felt why this one has another funny funny smell, what have you put? Nelson ju knows there is nothing he has left that he did not pay attention to.

When we get to Jackie at work, there are customers she grew up with. Then he got a call and had to go outside to talk. Then this client of hers, told her I see Jackie is smart I don’t know why we need her mother we can work with her alone but a colleague told her that’s why her mother wanted it. Then Selina sent Jackie a text and said things to Jackie if you have time please plan we met. Jackie was happy, she called Selina and told mammie even if we could meet I had good news, I got a very cool deal with PANASH and now I even want to create a mum who I keep cool. Selina told him that I just wanted to congratulate you on a good job, he did not tell her what he wanted to say but there is something Selina knows, Jackie knowing the truth will be very upset.

Later, Patricia came and asked Leshan, Leshan said there is a house I am looking for here to see if I can go and look, Patria said you can just my car. Leshan was given the keys and thanked. Patricia’s beauty tends to irritate her and she grows up to be the same Then when Leshan left, Patricia asked her by the time she would be back when I had a meeting at the office, Leshan said just an hour I would be back. Patricia wanted Leshan to take her out of the meeting but failed 

But 1hr was over and Leshan didn’t come back and he grabbed Patricia and told her to give me 15 minutes to come. Patricia, on the other hand, had forgotten about her alcohol in the car. Leshan saw a bottle of water and saw and I was thirsty let me drink this water, but to taste he saw it was Vodka, wrong 

Here at Biko, she is still playing with Roseate emotions. He told her until he saw her walking by the pool. These are the verses Biko prints Rosette. Now Rosette hearing this, aww happy with it and then the stupidity is she thinks it is Nelson playing with her, so a I see every time she grows up shining is when Nelson sees her he knows he got something. He doesn’t even know Nelson has nothing like that in his mind 

Going back to Jackie, Richie came to see him and they talked somewhat, then one of the staff came and asked them to talk somewhat, Richie had to give himself some space asking for a singing job. He asked for a job and was told now work daytime maybe just be a waiter but this weekend you can get singing gigs. Richie grew reluctant but seeing Jackie come, he told these relatives then I will come to start tomorrow. Jackie asked her if you had found a job? What is that work? Richie instead of saying is that the waiter said he is a restaurant manager 

Leshan after getting drunk on Patricia’s car came to talk to Nelson and Selina. Selina said the only way to help her is to send her rehabilitation. Nelson asked Selina are you sure she will agree? Leshan said I should not talk to her about rehab and she agreed so I will talk to her again. Patricia waited and texted Leshan telling him to bring me the car sir.

But Jackie and he, on the day Richie started work, brought him to work and Richie did not want Jackie to know that the job was called not the restaurant manager but the waiter. beautiful here, Richie said this is Jackie she is my lovely wife. Jackie because also has her job gone, Richie told these buddies to come to the dishes while you wash the pot of porridge and start washing the dishes yesterday



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