September 23, 2023

 Leshan, Nelson and Selina yesterday after discussing this issue of Patricia swallowing alcohol on the table, saw its good to tell her off to see if she was going to rehab – for those who do not know rehab, its a correction place mostly for alcoholics, cigar tics and agnostics place for therapy , returning you to normal life after addiction. But Leshan saw Patricia go while maybe artform to give up the pipe altogether but they came at a wrong time when Rosette is trying to please Patricia. Rosette asked the Selina family what your problem is, as someone who drinks just enough to relax the mind you think she is an alcoholic and then leave your grandmother Jude to stay. Patricia because loves the person who defends her and the mind continues to enjoy Rosette defending her.

Selina 9TH December 2021 | Selina Maisha Magic East Today Episode Full Watch

While for Jackie at lunchtime, remember she knows her husband is a restaurant manager, so at lunch time she came to the restaurant and she came to see Richie which is good by way to know if she is working, Jackie came straight in and went to restaurant manager’s office, mistakes first stop it, Jackie has come with her besties to show them that her husband is a restaurant manager. But now the restaurant manager himself sees them coming in and just asks them excuse me madams, where are you going and there is a reservation here, Jackie is not worried because she knows she is coming to see the restaurant manager, but she was told  while you can’t just come in, just stay there

By evening, Richie had just returned from his job as a restaurant manager, and Jackie asked him how many restaurant managers you had and the one I saw said he was a restaurant manager? Richie saw that even if it was a lie it came to an end and decided to tell him the truth. He told Jackie I’m not a restaurant manager, I’m a waiter, Jackie was shocked  and he grew up happy that now his husband is the one to say there but where, the only thing Richie can be in charge there maybe in charge of CEO of metallic and glass wining movement, washing relatives dishes and deliver customers drinks by glass if you like 

Let’s go back to Rosette just as I finished waiting for the main episode tonight. fall in love with this mysterious lover to appoint he forgot until he did not look forward as he walked. Today she was walking along the side of the pool, she was about to jump, but she did not look forward to it, suddenly she reached the pool unknowingly, and it was too late, she fell into the pool, plus clean clothes, plug phone, plus all wigs for the pool 

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